AKAME GA KILL – Katana of Akame – Murasame

499.00 د.إ

499.00 د.إ

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One strike from Akame’s Katana will spell certain death to any of her opponents. In the anime, Akame Ga Kill, Akame wields this sword, the famed Murasame Teigu, against other holders of the Imperial arms. You should purchase this perfectly accurate replica soon, as they are in high demand and of the best quality we’ve seen. The blade is a simple carbon steel Cosplay setup, while the handle is one of a kind, just like in the anime show. The metal Tsuba has the unique all red design as well as the wooden Saya, which also has a satin black metal fitting at the bottom.

– Length: +/- 105 cm
– Material: Metal, Steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are used for cosplay or decoration only


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