AVENGERS INFINITY WAR – Thanos – Infinity Gauntlet

1,999.00 د.إ

1,999.00 د.إ

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“I made what he wanted: a device that is able to use the power of the stones.”

After his followers abandoned him, Thanos decided to collect the Infinity Stones himself. Then he went to Nidavellir and forced the dwarves to build the Infinity Gauntlet for him. Once they had done so, the crazy titan proceeded to exterminate the entire dwarf race. Only Eitri, the king of the dwarves, was spared.

This is a replica of Thanos’ Infinity Gauntlet from the Avengers Infinity War movie. The gems light up and are removable. The glove is functional and wearable.

– Metal
– Infinity stones light up
– Wooden panel included
– Material: steel- Size: +/- 42 cm
– Weight: Infinity Gauntlet: 2.38 kg + Plaque: 0.96 kg
– Batterys not included


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