BLEACH – Katana of Rukia – Sode no Shirayuki

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Rukia Kuchiki is a fictional character and protagonist in the anime and manga series Bleach created by Tite Kubo. In the series, Rukia is a Soul Reaper in the 13th Division under Ukitake. Shortly after meeting the main protagonist of the series, Ichigo Kurosaki, who can see super natural beings such as Soul Reapers, she is forced to give him her powers in order to fulfill her duties as a Soul Reaper.
Shikai: Its Shikai command is “Dance” (mae). Rukia holds her Zanpakuto out in front of her and turns it in a circle counter-clockwise. While she is turning it, it takes the form of a katana with a white, snowflake-like tsuba, a white hilt, a white blade,
and a long white ribbon on the end of the pommel. Sode no Shirayuki manifests it by clasping her hands together and pulling them apart as the glowing Sode no Shirayuki appears between them. Shikai Special Ability: Sode no Shirayuki allows Sode no Shirayuki to use special, ice-based techniques known as “dances”. Our replica features a stainless steel blade, cord wrapped extra long handle, and decorative bell with white ribbon.

– Length: +/-112 cm
– Material: Metal, stainless steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.



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