BLEACH – Long Katana van Kenpachi – Nozarashi – 140cm

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699.00 د.إ

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Lusting for an evenly matched nemesis to fight and bring out his true inner strength, Kenpachi Zaraki needs only his natural fighting talent and strength to be victorious. Using his Lawless Zanpakuto, Kenpachi cuts down the Hollow and his enemies with unprecedented force. He has no fear in a fight, seeking out only the strongest warriors, and almost wishing to die in battle. This extra long version of the lawless sword is the only accurate replica on the market that has Battle-worn Serrations on the blade, exactly as seen in the Bleach Anime.

– Extra long replica of the katana of Kenpachi from the popular anime Bleach
– Length: +/-140 cm
– Material: Metal, Steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.


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