DEVIL MAY CRY V – Sword of Dante – The Rebellion – V2 Limited

1,199.00 د.إ

1,199.00 د.إ

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– Replica of the Sword of Dante from the game Devil May Cry
– New version, Limited Edition
– Total Length: +/-137 cm
– Blade Length: +/- 100 cm
– Material: Metal, steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decoration only

Straight out of the blockbuster “Devil May Cry” video game series, the menacing “Demon Rebellion” sword comes to life with this colossal replica version! Boldly appointed and flawlessly crafted, this painstaking reproduction sword is a sight to behold. No one will miss this eye-catching beast of a sword, especially when showcased with the included wooden display plaque. Comprised of a ghoulish horned skull flanked by femur bones and fierce ribbing, the cast metal guard is especially ominous, even downright spooky. A tyrannical spiked crown pommel caps the black steel handle, providing a fittingly dark finishing touch to this diabolical display sword.


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