KILL BILL – Hatori Hanzo – Bridal sword – Katana of Beatrix Kiddo

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499.00 د.إ

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Fashioned from the popular movie Kill Bill this is the bridal sword of Beatrix. The Carbon steel blade is etched to appear to have the deadly sharpness of a real samurai sword, although this blade is not sharpened for safety reasons. The Beatrix’s blade features an additional engraving near the handle. The blade has a full, two-handed handle beautifully wrapped as with most traditional katana handle wraps (Tsuka ito). As an added detail, the ends of each handle are topped with accent metal designs. This sword is beautiful! Traditional and authentic long wrap technique featured on scabbard. And two-tone intricate metal trimmings throughout the sword make this a gorgeous addition to any sword collection.

Replica from the movie Kill Bill made by the legendary swordmaster Hatori Hanzo
– Size: +/- 104cm
– Material: Metal, Steel
– All swords from this shop are blunt and not sharp at all.


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