ONE PIECE – Katana of Roronoa Zoro – Yubashiri

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499.00 د.إ

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Yubashiri was one of the fifty Ryo Wazamono grade (called Skillful Grade in the Viz edition) swords. Roronoa Zoro obtained this sword for free from a sword shop owner. The sword was a family heirloom and the best sword in the shop, in Loguetown. Ippon-Matsu gave it to Zoro after he saw the skill and courage that Zoro showed in testing the curse of Sandai Kitetsu.

The katana features a black rosewood scabbard with gold aluminium fittings on either side and the middle. The handle is adorned with the gold fittings and has a nylon cord wrapped grip. The guard is all metal in gold as well. The blade is a beautiful handmade construct with a dual tone feature.

– Length: +/- 103 cm
– Material: Metal, Steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades and are for decoration only.


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