ONE PIECE – Katana of Trafalgar Law – Kikoku

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499.00 د.إ

499.00 د.إ

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This replica has the original purple handle color, very hard to find and unique for Harumi Merchandise. Trafalgar Law also known as the surgeon of death is a pirate captain and amazingly a doctor as well. He hails from the Japanese anime show One Piece. In the show he carries a one of a kind sword. Here we have an exact replica of that sword. The sword has a unique fluffy nylon guard. The handle is golden nylon over red faux ray skin. The handle is decorated with zinc-aluminum alloy fittings. The scabbard is all black rosewood. It features a nylon wrap and white crosses on both sides. The blade is a high carbon steel dual tone construct.

– Length: +/- 103 cm
– Material: Metal, Steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.

1 review for ONE PIECE – Katana of Trafalgar Law – Kikoku

  1. Ali

    Impressed and surprised with the quality! Definitely shop again!

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