SWORD ART ONLINE – Sword of Asuna – Lambent Light

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899.00 د.إ

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High quality, very ornate, this rapier style has perfection and simplicity. The blade tapers to the point and goes half-way into the handle. The blade goes into the handle making it a whole. High gloss automotive quality paint is used for accurate color matching and replication. The saya is high quality wood and bright high gloss red in color with silver painted fittings.

Lambent Light is the name of the sword, or rapier, carried by Asuna Yuuki in the anime and manga Sword Art Online (SAO). Asuna used this sword through the clearing of SAO, and also added +40 to it. Combine this swift rapier with Asuna’s sword skill level of 1000 (mastered) and you have a very fast champion. Asuna was also a part of the guild Knights of the Blood, as second in command. This exact replica is made of carbon steel and has an unsharpened edge for cosplays and display. It is highly detailed and very rare to find this quality sword anywhere, especially with the matching saya (scabbard).

– Replica of the sword of Asuna from the popular anime Sword art Online
– Length: +/-107 cm
– Material: Metal, Steel
– All swords purchased from this shop have dull blades.


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